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As a child I wanted to be a stewardess because it involved food, but I grew out of the desire to serve people. Then as a teenager I wanted to be an art teacher , but  I grew out of the desire to serve chidren. Then as an adult I wanted to be a therapist but met several of the certifiably insane ​and ... yes you guessed it.


At present  I'm  incapable of passing a new bakery without stopping in just too see  what smells like cinnamon (and always leaving with nibblies that taste like chocolate, lemon & coconut).  I resent the fact that work and earning a living  are  constantly digging into my crafty  time with a hot glue gun & crochet hook.  Oh, and  I went into show business so  I have offically  joined the ranks of the certifiably insane. 

As you can see my dreams have all come true ... sorta.  

Food, art and crazy  are very present n my life.    


That's what this page is all about.....


Stay tuned

Orange Cardomom Valentine Cookies

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