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“... a charming amalgamation of the entertainer's verve and talent with the oft-wicked wit of Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Pedi is a musical theater lead with the heart and soul of a comedienne, and the combination creates more effervescence then a glass of good champagne.  Her almost-uncanny ability to vastly alter her personality and delivery from number to number, as easily as most singers change their key, is wondrous. Pedi has crafted a show to make you glad to be alive — and especially to be at Mama Rose's in New York. “

Cabaret Scenes Magazine 

“She has the chops to take signature songs of Judy Holliday and Rosalind Russell and make them her of the rare performers and talents for whom entire musicals would have been written had she only been born many decades to make everyone present feel as though they were at a marvelous party and they were in on every joke being told”

David Hurst - Showbusiness 


“Wonderful Songs provides a perfect match of performer to material ...Possessing an elegant sense of moxie that can snap to broad clowning in the moment it takes to sharpen a note, Pedi naturally excels at comic songs ... With her high cheekbones and wide features making her look remarkably similar to Ms. Comden, Pedi seems to have trained each facial muscle to work independently, knowing the exact eyebrow movement, nose crinkle or mouth curl needed to get the maximum comic effect out of a beat or syllable. Her ballads are also effective, sung with a clear, simple alto and interesting acting choices that fully serve the material.With her ingratiating presence, knack for intelligent comedy and ability to be both daffy and vulnerable, Christine Pedi's talents are perfectly suited for the musical comedy stage. But for now Wonderful Songs is a charming vehicle for her, and for one of the genre's most endearing partnerships.”



An Evening Of Comden & Green 


Christine sings the colorful characters created by lyricists Betty Comden &  Adolph Green helped create the Broadway musicals BELLS ARE RINGING, ON THE TOWN, WONDERFUL TOWN, ON THE 20th CENTURY,  & hit songs JUST IN TIME, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, THE PARTY'S OVER and countless other classics.


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