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There's No Bizness Like



 “Christine Pedi, the brilliant impressionist who was an invaluable member of the “Forbidden Broadway” ensemble for many years, rides to the rescue of theatergoers ...Her seasonal offering is a funny, festive little shebang that shows off her musical dexterity and precise ability to mimic the big-belters of Broadway and beyond...the pièce de résistance is Ms. Pedi’s “Twelve Divas of Christmas,” in which she sings each verse in the voice of a different actress, from Elaine Stritch to Patti LuPone to Carol Channing.”

 New York Times, Charles Isherwood 



For the past 5 seasons SNOW BIZ has been a festive & funny tradition for many New York cabaret lovers.

“There is no better act than Christine Pedi’s if you want to lift your spirits this season.”


“We not only enjoy a dazzling display of her talent for impersonation, the real revelation of her show was her great individual skills as a uniquely talented singer when she sang in her own voice.”

Cabaret Scenes Joe Regan, Jr 



“It's a tour de force that puts many another tour de force in the shade.”...    “Whenever she slips into her acclaimed vocal impersonations of legendary divas, she gives the impression she's logged on to some incredible hidden celebrity archive. Few other performers can sound so much like Katharine Hepburn one second, Bette Davis the next, Joan Rivers the next, and, then even more eye-poppingly and ear-poppingly assume the aural guise of Judy Garland before switching to the quasi-Garlandesque tones of Liza Minnelli.”       

David Finkle, 



"One of the most talented celebrity impersonators around... I urge you to go .... A virtuosic display of mimickry not rivaled since Linda Blair spoke in tongues in The Exorcist. Whatever she does in the Xmas show, it promises to be an evening of expertly ritualized schizophrenia filled with so many voices you'll never feel lonely. You can quote me here: Pedi is the cure for all our woes! (Pedi cure--get it? Ha ha ha....)"        

Michael Musto, Village Voice  

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